10 Most Interesting Facts to Know About Blackhole

1. A black hole is a region of space with an extremely strong gravitational pull.

2. They form when massive stars collapse in on themselves or when two neutron stars merge.

3. Black holes come in different sizes, from stellar to supermassive.

4. Objects need to come close enough to be caught by the black hole's gravity.

5. Black holes can distort spacetime, causing objects to appear distorted or even disappearing from view behind them.

6. The event horizon is the boundary beyond which escape is impossible.

7. The singularity is the infinitely small and dense point at the centre of a black hole.

8. Black holes emit Hawking radiation, causing them to slowly lose mass over time.

9. They play a crucial role in the formation and evolution of galaxies.

10. Black holes can be detected through their effects on nearby matter, such as stars or gas.