Here Are The 7 Biggest Achievements Of NASA

1. Apollo moon landing - First time humans set foot on the moon.

2. Hubble space telescope - Provided unprecedented views of deep space and expanded our understanding of the universe.

3. International space station - Joint project with several countries that has been continuously inhabited since 2000 and serves as a platform for scientific research in space.

4. Mars exploration - Successful missions with rovers such as Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity provided valuable insights into the geology and potential habitability of Mars.

5. Voyager missions - Launched in 1977, the Voyager spacecraft explored the outer solar system and provided valuable data on the planets and their moons.

6. Space shuttle program - Revolutionized spaceflight by providing a reusable spacecraft that could carry both humans and cargo into orbit.

7. James Webb telescope - The successor to the Hubble telescope, it will be the largest and most powerful space telescope ever built, capable of observing the most distant objects in the universe.