"The Timeline of Chandrayaan-3's Journey"

1. July 14, 2023 Launch: Chandrayaan-3 is successfully launched into orbit using the LVM3 M4 vehicle.  The mission begins its journey to the Moon.

2. July 25 - August 1, 2023 Orbit Adjustments: Multiple orbit-raising maneuvers are executed to adjust the spacecraft's trajectory. The spacecraft's position is optimized for lunar exploration.

3. August 5, 2023 Lunar Orbit Insertion: Chandrayaan-3 successfully achieves lunar orbit insertion.

4. August 06, 2023 Lunar Video Capture: Chandrayaan-3 captures a video of the Moon during Lunar Orbit Insertion. The video provides unique visual insight into the lunar environment.

5. August 9, 2023 Orbit Reduction: Precise orbital adjustments are made to facilitate further lunar exploration.

6. August 16, 2023 Orbit Adjustment: Fine-tuning orbits ensure optimal conditions for further mission phases.

7. August 17, 2023 Lander Separation: The Lander Module is successfully separated from the Propulsion Module. De-boosting maneuvers are planned to fine-tune the Lander's trajectory.

8. August 20, 2023 Descent Preparation: The spacecraft gears up for the critical phase of landing on the lunar surface.

9. August 23, 2023 Lunar Landing: Chandrayaan-3 successfully accomplishes a soft landing on the lunar surface. India celebrates the achievement of landing a spacecraft on the Moon.

10. After this India became the first country to land on the moon's south pole.

11. August 24, 2023 Rover Ramp Down: The Ch-3 Rover ramps down from the Lander onto the lunar surface. The Rover begins its exploration, marking a significant milestone.