Partnership Between Figure And OpenAI Results In Formation Of A Humanoid Robot– Figure 01

On 13 March 2024, the partnership between Figure and Sam Altman’s OpenAI results in the formation of a humanoid robot- Figure 01

On 13 March 2024, the partnership between Figure and OpenAI resulted in the formation of a humanoid robot, and its illustration video was published on YouTube.

This humanoid robot project is made by Figure & OpenAI, two best-known AI and Robotics companies. They aim to develop robots which act like humans and can interact with them.

A few days after Figure, a robotics company teamed up with OpenAI, they released a demo video featuring a talking robot. Once it went viral, users began referring to it as “ChatGPT with a Body.”

Using OpenAI’s speech intelligence and visual knowledge, Figure showed off their Figure 01 robot’s ability to hold full conversations with humans in a YouTube update video.

The robotics startup Figure AI Inc. is situated in the US and specializes in creating humanoid robots with artificial intelligence. It was established by Brett Adcock in 2022.

Brett Adcock is a technology entrepreneur from the United States who founded and serves as CEO of Figure AI, an AI startup developing a general-purpose humanoid robot. In Adcock’s opinion, humanoid robot development will help with the labour shortage.

The business raised $70 million from investors in May 2023, with Parkway Venture Capital leading the charge.

In February 2024, Venture capital funding worth a total of $675 million was provided to Figure AI by a group comprising Jeff Bezos, Microsoft, Nvidia, Intel, and the startup funding sections of Amazon and OpenAI.

It has been seen in the video that the robot could recognize objects placed in front of it, respond to questions, complete the task (giving the person an apple) and provide an explanation while executing another task.

It seems like merging ChatGPT’s algorithm with Open AI’s vision-language model is giving it a physical form. This tech might enable robots to carry out tasks independently without the need for human assistance and have natural conversations similar to those of a humans.

After the collaboration of both companies, they intend to integrate Figure’s in-depth knowledge of the underlying robotics hardware and software with OpenAI’s research.

According to Figure, Figure 01 leverages cutting-edge AI and human dexterity to support manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and retail industries beyond the capabilities of single-function robots.

Here are the specifications of Figure-01 Robot provided by Figure –

  • Height – 5’6’’  
  • Payload – 20 kg
  • Weight – 60 kg
  • Runtime – 5 hr
  • Speed – 1.2 M/S
  • System – Electric

The founder of Figure, Brett Adcock, claims that Figure 01 is equipped with onboard cameras that provide data to the VLM so that it can understand the scene in front of it and interact with the human in front of it naturally.

Some netizens feared that this technology of humanoid robots would be dangerous in the near future and might be harmful. But it is just a robot with metal and natural language processing chips and it is not that much capable of beating human intelligence.

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