The Rarity of Life and Human Birth

Earth is the only known planet where life does exist. Maybe there is the existence of life in the universe but we haven’t found it yet so we can assume that there is not any existence of elements of life as scientists have researched on solar system’s planets and their moons.

Planet: Earth

The Formation of Earth and the Development of Life

So, 13.8 billion years ago big bang happened after 100-200 million years milky way was born. And our solar system is 4.5 billion years old. Earth was just a fireball without an atmosphere then an asteroid hit Earth and gave it spin and change its orientation and that asteroid is our Moon then in million years Hˆ2O gets liquified as water microbes born from organic materials from the rocks beneath the ocean. they consumed CO2 and release O2 with time earth got its atmosphere and the Sun provides the sunlight and elements to live life on this very planet.

Evolution and the Diversity of Life Forms


Life was developing with time many species get extinct and evolution happened as it was bacteria without eyes then with time it becomes fish, and with time it gets eyes and we have eyes to see in water that’s why it needs to be wet and when it gets dry, it irritates and tears produced means those microbes who were ancestors of trees as well as ours. Even we share genes with trees as trees’ DNA matches with humans and every living one.

That was terrific, the whole universe and life in just one short.

The Biology of Human Birth

Let’s get into the biology of human birth.


First of all, before the birth of a female child during fetal life 6-7 million eggs are present, with time they decrease and at the time of birth this number becomes about 1-2 million and up to puberty it’s about 300-400 thousand out of them only 200-300 eggs are capable for placing sperm inside it. Also, with age, their number decreases and it gets almost impossible to become a parent.

Now let’s talk about males, every second testis makes approx. 1500 sperms.

At the time of release every time, its number is about somewhere between 500 million to 1.5 billion. They swim inside the vagina to the fallopian tubes. Most of them die before entering the region. Only those who are strong enough to penetrate inside the eggs and those who are just 1 or none. Even it’s rare that two sperms penetrate at one time that becomes twins. But there is also a complication that with time, the quality of sperm gets decreased.

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The Miracle of Conception and Conclusion

There is one woman from the African country Mali who just gave birth to 9 children in single pregnancy in May 2021 and this is the only case in history.

Isn’t it fascinating and surprising enough that you are so rare, out of 300 eggs and 1 billion sperm you take place inside the egg as sperm?

There are endless possibilities hidden, you need to see it. Even we are way behind in the field of science and technology. What we have right now is not even 1% of technology in the next 200 years. What we know is just the basics and we are just playing with it right now.

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