Tech Giants Challenging Apple’s Latest App Store Policies

Here’s a new conflict that arises between visibly giant tech companies against Apple’s App Store policies.

In August 2020, Epic Games company filed a lawsuit against Apple for its policies in the iOS App Store, in the US District Court for the Northern District of California.

Tim Cook is CEO of Apple and its Co-Founder is Steve Jobs, who is an American businessman, inventor and investor in Apple.

On the other hand, Tim Sweeney is the Founder and CEO of Epic Games and the creator of Unreal Engine – used for game development.

With regard to Apple’s regulations on apps having in-app purchases other than those made through the App Store, Epic Games had specifically debated these rules.

Apple has placed some limitations and a new 30% charge on developers who use external payment links, according to Epic’s court filing.

The company claims that these actions suppress the purpose of the court order, allowing Apple to continue extracting its excessive commissions and argues that Apple’s new rules and fees make the links “commercially unusable”.

With reference to the game Fortnite, Tim Sweeney founder of Epic Games aimed to either circumvent Apple or have them take a smaller cut of the 30% revenue that Apple takes on every purchase made in the App Store.

Apple cited its January statement of compliance, in which the business claimed to have complied fully with the court’s injunction, in response to Epic’s accusations.

According to Apple, the modifications to its App Store guidelines were made to safeguard users and preserve the ecosystem’s integrity while making sure developers don’t take advantage of the platform.

In this conflict, famous companies like Meta, Microsoft, X and the dating app company Match Group have also expressed their views –

  • Meta argued that it should be permitted to notify users about alternatives to Apple’s in-app purchase system for paying for “boosted posts” on its platform.
  • Microsoft claimed that Apple’s strategy prohibits it from directing users toward payment platforms owned by Microsoft because it could offer better promotions, discounts, or ways to manage their subscriptions.
  • According to X, independent content creators’ earnings would be negatively impacted by Apple’s new proposed commission structure.
  • Additionally, Match Group stated that Apple’s plan would hinder the purpose of the injunction by affecting many thousands of other developers and their millions of users.

Companies added that Apple’s new rules and terms will prohibit app developers from sending customers to third-party payment websites.

But Apple has stated that it will be structuring the new rules and terms to protect and safeguard users’ security & privacy.

Till now, this is all that has happened. There are chances that Apple will find a solution to its problem with App Store policies and bring some new and conflict-free policies to help developers to build apps on iOS.

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