Apple Google Gemini AI Collaboration

The two tech giants are reportedly thinking about a partnership. Apple wants to collab with Google Gemini for creating something big and powerful product with advanced features of AI. It will help them to face the competition in field of artificial intelligence technology. 

Apple may be working on its very own large language model and new AI features for iOS 18, but the tech giant is now reportedly talking to Google to bring certain Gemini-powered features to iPhones. The partnership between the two tech giants may shake up the AI industry and give Google Gemini a much-needed push.

Apple’s upcoming AI-powered features on iOS 18 will most likely run on the device itself, meaning they might not be able to perform complex tasks like giving writing prompts and helping create images.

Last year, job listings at Apple hinted that it was working on several AI-powered features, but the recent talks with third-party providers like Google may indicate that the tech giant’s indigenously developed models may not be performing as expected in some areas.

If Google manages to land the deal with Apple, it will be pivotal to giving Gemini the much-needed boost in the highly competitive AI industry.

Alphabet shares rose 3% in early premarket trade on Monday, following a report that tech giant Apple is in talks to license Gemini for future iPhones.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is in talks with Alphabet-owned Google to let the iPhone maker license and build its Gemini artificial intelligence engine into the iPhone.

Citing people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg said that the two tech giants are “in active negotiations” for Gemini to power certain new features due to be released to the iPhone software later this year.

Alphabet’s Class A shares were 2.99% higher in premarket trade at 5.36 a.m. ET, while its Class C shares were up 3.09%. Apple shares were trading around 0.53% higher.

However, the report said, “the two parties haven’t decided the terms or branding of an AI agreement or finalized how it would be implemented.”

But if this partnership between two tech companies get finalized, then it will surely make strong foundation for their products, giving rise in company’s evaluation, making tough competition for upcoming AI technologies and they will make sure that they firmly hold this artificial intelligence technology for future advancements.

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