NVIDIA’s acquisition over Run:ai

NVIDIA’s acquisition over Run:ai

Advanced talks are underway between Nvidia and a platform that manages AI infrastructure – Run:ai

Run:ai was founded in 2018 by Omri Geller (CEO) and Dr. Ronen Dar (CTO).

Run:ai has developed an orchestration and virtualization software layer tailored to the unique needs of AI workloads running on GPUs and similar chipsets.

Additionally, Run:ai provides a compute abstraction layer that dissects deep learning models into smaller parts by utilizing graph-based parallel computing algorithms.

AI’s deep learning branch aims to approximate the functions of the human brain, enabling a range of applications including image recognition, driverless vehicles, intelligent assistants, and more.

Then it can train each of these different parts in parallel, thereby reducing the time it takes to complete the entire training process.

This abstraction layer also helps to overcome the limitations of GPU’s RAM, meaning big and more complex models can be trained on fewer resources.

The company’s software solutions help researchers view and allocate compute resources across multiple sites on-premises or in the cloud.

Interest in AI and the fact that Nvidia controls 80% of the market for high-end AI chips have contributed to this boom.

Run:ai has a healthy amount of funding – in March 2022, a $75 million Series C round led by Tiger Global Management and Insight Partners. Before that, in April 2019, it had launched and raised $30 million in a Series A funding round in January 2021.

The deal’s estimated value is in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and it might even be worth $1 billion.

This acquisition is still not confirmed, NVIDIA has given no particular statement about this deal and acquisition over Run:ai. Though it might not suggest that the deal is off if there are chances that this deal will occur, then let’s see what will be its outcome.

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