a new AI-based chatbot developed by Elon Musk’s company xAI, will soon become open sourced resource

A new AI-based chatbot developed by Elon Musk’s company xAI, will soon become open sourced resource.

In today’s world where any kind of information you want is now available on websites and platforms. Similarly, people are learning from new software technologies by using open source resources which are free and accessed over platforms like Github.

In this reference, Grok AI is now being turned into an open-source material for the public to learn and use.

xAI, Elon Musk’s AI company, has developed a new chatbot called “Grok” – a product designed to provide sarcastic and snarky answers which are inspired by the science-fiction novel “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. Users who subscribe to X’s premium features can ask Grok questions and receive responses.

Grok is now available as an open source resource on GitHub, as per Elon Musk’s announcement on March 11. In order to compete with alternative technologies like OpenAI, Meta, Google, and other companies, this will enable scientists and developers to improve upon the model and influence how xAI updates Grok in the future.

Many other companies also release their open source resources, like – Meta, the parent company of both Facebook and Instagram, which has also open-sourced its A.I. technology, called LLaMA.

Now the code is made public, other businesses and independent software developers will be able to use and adapt it to create their own chatbots and other artificial intelligence systems.

In its release, the company has specified about Grok-1  –

  • the base model weights and network architecture of Grok-1, their large language model.
  • Grok-1 is a 314 billion parameter Mixture-of-Experts model trained from scratch by xAI.
  • releasing the weights and the architecture under the Apache 2.0 license.

Grok was developed very fast, maybe due to a very in-demand team of the absolute best in the field. Besides X (Twitter), the other source of data for xAI is Tesla, according to Bloomberg’s reporting. 

Elon Musk formed xAI, stating its mission was to “understand reality.” In November, he said investors in his $44 billion take-private deal for X would own a 25 percent stake in xAI.

After Musk purchased Twitter (now X), the code behind its algorithms was finally made public, and Musk has openly criticized firms that do not open-source their AI models.

Grok is still learning from various models but still it has to face very tough competitors chatbots famous for their accuracy & fluency like Google Gemini, ChatGPT, Bing and other capable chatbots.

In the YouTube video below, Everything you need to know about Grok AI:

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